Mark-n-CutŪ Transfer Sheets Testimonials

William Parrish
Fremont, CA

The product worked exactly as advertised and shown on the website video.  It is also useful for other household projects.

Anthony Cusumano
Harrington, DE
“Saves time, no measurements”
Charles R. LoghryTrinidad, TX        

This product more than lives up to my expectations.  They are easy to use, work well for making several copies.  I was able to use one and set it aside then use it again.

Jeremy Eirls -
Pineville, LA   
“I was surprised at the time it saved me and the ease of use.  Great Idea”
Daniel Blackford
Interlochen, MI

This is an excellent tool.  I used it when I wainscoted my living room.  One piece did all my outlets, cable outlets, phone outlets, electrical outlets and light switches.  That one sheet that I used save me hours of measuring and guesswork which normally goes wrong and then I have to buy more material.  With the Mark-n-Cut it went right the very first time.

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